Pilates is designed to use a variation of exercises using your whole body, helping to improve your physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness. Everyone does Pilates for different reasons and everyone is unique. These classes are no exception, by using various fundamental movements we are able to give a variety exercises to help everyone's posture type.

This personal designed class is held at Infinity Sports where you'll have complete secure and private classes. Its designed for only 8 people so you get the full benefit and personal coaching that is required.

Current classes:

Tuesday 12.30pm – 1.15pm

Tuesday 7pm – 8pm

Thursday 12pm – 12.45pm

Thursday 5pm – 6pm

If Pilates is something you feel may benefit you then please get in contact and book your space today.

Ladies Fitness class

Do you want to re-condition your body and get yourself feeling fit and healthy?

If so why not try our Tone and Condition class to help you get fit and active. We focus on helping you to improve your all round fitness, health and wellbeing with a weekly class.

This class is for Ladies only so you have complete confidence when working out and designed for 8 People, so you get the one-to-one coaching that’s specific for you and your body.

Current Classes:

Monday 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Monday 7.00pm - 8.00pm


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